Tips For What You Need When Shopping For A Newborn

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During pregnancy one of the most exciting things to look forward to especially after you know the sex of your baby and you already have a vision of tutus and blazers you are going to buy for your baby. Although you don’t already know the size of your baby, it is exciting to shop for your baby even when you are pregnant.

In the midst of the excitement it is important to note some things down, babies make a lot of mess, need a lot of diaper changes and grow very fast. The best thing to do is to buy clothing in several sizes. Babycenter advises that you should;

  • Avoid clothes that wrap around your baby's neck too tightly and those that have cords or ties. Check buttons, ribbons, and decorative items to make sure they're on securely because if they come off, they're a choking hazard.
  • When dressing your infant, make the clothes fit your baby and not the other way around. Open snaps and stretch necks wide so you can ease your baby's head through them.Reach through sleeves and legs first to help guide hands and feet.
  • It's often easiest to dress your infant on the changing table or floor. Try cooing and talking to your baby as you put on each piece so he will associate getting dressed with special time with you.


The Bump advises that to get clothes with good quality for your baby you should follow this tips:

  • Bodysuits are the most important part of a baby’s wardrobe and so for that reason bodysuits need to be durable enough to withstand a lot of washing and diaper changes. Look for ones made with 100% baby soft cotton because it is extra gentle on sensitive newborn. Nickel-free snaps are also a must, since the metal is a common cause of allergic rashes in babies. Expandable shoulder that let you get the bodysuit on and off without getting caught on baby’s head and ears is also an important feature to look out for.
  • Sleep and Play outfits with snaps or zipper from ankle to chin
  • Sweatpants made with baby soft cotton with no pinch covered elastic waistbands



According to Fit Pregnancy, the basics you would need when shopping for a newborn are: bodysuits, one-pieces , t-shirts, long pants, gowns, caps (1 to 2) and socks or booties. They also advise that you dry clean the clothes before wearing them for your newborn.

When buying clothes for newborns the first thing to take note of is Comfort for your baby, you also have to make sure that it is easily accessible for the numerous diaper changes you have to make. Get ready to do a lot of shopping and have fun.



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