When Is The Right Time For My Baby To Move To Her Room?

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When preparing to bring a child into the world a lot of planning goes into it, one of those planning includes decorating a room specially for the child. But at the end of the day when the baby is brought home the baby usually ends up in the same room with the parent. A lot of parents struggle with the right time to start putting their child in his/her own room especially when they start craving the privacy in their bedroom that they once had.

According to National Public Radio, a new study has shown that babies get less sleep at night and sleep for shorter stretches when they sleep in their parents' room after 4 months old, a new study finds. Parents are also more likely to engage in unsafe sleep practices, such as bringing their child into their bed or leaving pillows, blankets or stuffed animals with the baby when the infant shares their room.

This new study contradicts the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants share a parents' room, but not a bed, "ideally for a year, but at least for six months" to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

According to Dr. Ian Paul, who conducted the new study, "The recommendation beyond 6 months was not based on real data but more on expert opinion,"  He said sleep experts have long advocated that after the first few months, "you should transition your baby into their own room to help how well and how long the baby sleeps."

Even with all these recommendations a lot of parents say they start putting their babies in their own room form 4 months and there were no problem. One mother said she moved her baby to a different room from 3 months because she knew she would have to resume back to work and she wanted her baby to get used to sleeping in her own room beforehand.

Different parents have conflicting ideas about the right time to move their kids into their own room. Most feel it is better to transition them into their own room as early as 4 months so they get used to sleeping on their own early while some mothers will admit that they are just not ready to put their baby in a separate room.

A lot of parents feel that as long as your baby is not sleeping on the same bed with you, moving your baby to his/her room will depend on both you and your baby. When do you think is the right time to move a baby to his/her room?




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