Checking Expiry Dates



Mamalettes do you check the expiry dates on your baby's milk?

This story shows you why you should. An 11-week-old baby boy called Georgie, quickly became ill after drinking milk that was two weeks out-of-date; milk that was sold by a supermarket in London, UK called Tesco.

According to the Mirror, 31-year-old Samantha Hunter purchased Cow and Gate formular for her baby unknown to her. The milk had passed its expiry date.

Once she returned from Tesco, she fed her baby the milk product she had just purchased.

“After that I went to my mother’s to feed Georgie and my mum said the bottles were handy and then she asked how long they keep for,” said Hunter.


“I checked the bottle and it was dated April 2, which was over two weeks out of date. My first thought was for Georgie, and I called Cow & Gate to speak to the nutritionist who wanted to know why the milk was still on the shelf.”

Hunter was highly upset after noticing she had just given her baby milk that was two weeks out-of-date, she decided to call the company and inform them that they were selling old milk.


“I rang Tesco and spoke to the head office and told them I’d just purchased this milk and wanted to make the store aware it was old and being given to new babies,” Hunter said.

After getting off the phone with Tesco, she noticed a change in Georgie later that afternoon. She stated that he wouldn’t eat anymore and wasn’t being himself.

“He had an upset tummy and was only drinking bits of his milk. His child-minder also reported it and said he was really not himself.”


“Another mum might have taken this milk to hospital, ready to give her newborn baby.”

Hunter believes that his appetite and behavior changed as a result of giving her baby out-of-date milk. She feared that if he was a newborn, his condition may have been a lot worse.

A Tesco spokesman responded after learning their store was selling out-of-date products. He stated as follows.

“We are committed to the highest standards of food safety for our customers and we have robust procedures for the rotation and date code checking.”


“We’re sorry that we did not meet those standards in this case. We’re urgently investigating how this mistake happened and our colleagues will be speaking to Samantha as soon as possible.”

Hunter says she has went public with her story because she wanted to “raise awareness to other mums to always check the baby milk.”




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