Is It Really Necessary To Use A Baby On Board Sticker ?

Editorial Team

As a new mum one of the first things I bought was a Baby On Board sticker, in all honesty I was very indecisive when it was time to shop for my baby. I wanted to buy everything in the shop even though I had not even found out the sex of my baby and I had seen the sticker on my cousin's car who just had a baby so I thought why not buy mine too.

I remember that when I bought the Baby On Board sticker my mum was like so what do you want to use this for now, as a typical Ijebu mum she felt I had wasted money even though it wasn’t expensive. There are many conflicting stories regarding the origin of the baby on board sticker, one say that some years ago, there was a car crash in Canada.

The police located adult and child members of a family trapped in the crashed car, rescued them and sent them to hospital to recover. The car was towed to an impounding yard, and the following day police discovered a baby’s body frozen to death but otherwise uninjured under one of the seats. Another story says that a serious car accident occurred and an unconscious woman was removed from the vehicle. The front of the car was badly damaged and it wasn’t until later that a car seat with a dead infant was discovered under the front dash of the passenger side.

However, the truth is that a man noticed that when driving his nephew, there were a lot of reckless drivers on the road and so he partnered with two sisters who had already started a business of making the sticker. There a lot of conflicting thoughts on whether the sticker is necessary, some believe it isn’t while some parents will tell you that it is very necessary. 

One mum said, "I use the sign because my vehicle is carrying a precious, young life. And, in the end, isn’t one of the basic rules of humanity to watch out for those who are most vulnerable?" while another believes that it doesn't really make a difference to people driving on the road

For me it was actually a good investment because for one reason or the other, I felt people were more careful driving around me because they could see my sticker (maybe it was all in my head). So if anyone should ask me I would say buy it, because to me even though it wasn’t compulsory for me it was necessary and whereas it is something I can always reuse when I have more kids. Do you think the sticker is necessary?