Dear Parents: Your Baby Is Going To Fall Off The Bed Repeately And He WIll Be Fine

Editorial Team

Coming from a mother of three kids, I can assure you this will happen to your child no matter how careful you are as a parent. My kids have fallen repeatedly from most cases the bed. Most times, it is with this act I always get to know they have started making movements until when they are always stationed as a little baby. And I think I haven’t met any parent that have not experienced this. The first time this happened to me with my first baby, my baby fell off the bed and so many thoughts ran through my head both short-term (Is his nose broken? Does he have a black eye? Does he have a concussion? Do babies get concussions? How can I tell if he has a concussion?!) and long-term (Is he going to be brain-damaged? Is he going to be deformed? Will his brain be scuffled and he might not be intelligent as I wanted him to be?

I took him to the hospital that day for an examination and the doctor had a good laugh and asked if I was a first-time parent, he assured me the baby will be fine. At the end, all of this are not right because my baby had so many falls after then and he was just fine. My son was fine. Almost eight years later, he’s still fine, especially if you measure fineness in terms of how much of a pain in the ass a kid and very intelligent as well is, in which case, we can say he’s super fine then

Odds are, when your baby falls off the bed, he’ll be fine too. Those soft little heads prove themselves very resilient. And thank God too, because I haven’t met many parents who haven’t experienced this little mishap. Kids are fast, both in how quickly they can move when you turn your back for just a second, and in how quickly they progress from not being able to move much at all to willfully diving around all over the place like chickens with their heads cut off and the next thing you hear is a loud thud on the floor, at first I thought the superhero Thor hit his hammer on the floor in our room not until I can’t find my baby on the bed I placed him.   Again, thankfully, their bodies are built for this.

Evolution knew how silly babies would be, and gave them little jelly heads so as to help them avoid any permanent damage. But we as parents don’t always have it easy whenever this happen, you would think with my experience with three kids that this kind of things should not bother me anymore but whenever my latest baby takes a great fall like Humpty dumpty, I always feel really bad. I always have a full conversation with my 8 months old that he should have known he’s by the edge of the bed and he should stop rolling around and what not, at the poor boy did was to be laughing his heart out. All my ramblings is like music to his ears and he was laughing. It reminded me of the day I went to the hospital and the way the doctor laughed at me and I can’t help but laugh too, my baby laughed even added seeing me laugh.



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