Can You Put Your Baby In A Baby Box?

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While baby boxes just became very popular a few months ago, for over 50 years Finland have been giving new mothers a baby box containing some baby essentials and in the process this boxes have also been used as beds for newborn babies.

This baby box is a cardboard bassinet with a mattress and fitted cotton sheet where the baby can sleep. According to several sources this boxes have helped reduce the occurrence of unsafe sleeping habits with baby such as having a baby sleep on the same bed with adults. It has been reported that this has in turn helped to reduce Sudden Infant Death rates in the country.

As reported by MPR News, when new mum Maisha Watson heard about baby boxes, her first reaction was: "Why would I want to put my baby in a box?"

When she spoke to a Family Support Worker, Miss Marcia, she told her that:

True, it's a cardboard box, but it's also a safe place for a baby to sleep: It comes with a firm mattress and a snug sheet, in line with American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations meant to protect against sleep-related deaths, including sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

Solomon has slept in a baby box since he came home from the hospital a month ago. Family support worker Marcia Virgil. Source: MPR News

Watson learned more, and now the mother of 1-month-old Solomon is a big fan. Solomon has slept in a baby box ever since he came home from the hospital.

She said it has helped a lot because they are living in a small room and she knows it is not safe for her baby to sleep on the same bed with her and her husband. 

While these boxes are becoming very popular, a lot of people are still very skeptical about the idea doubting that it is a good idea.

As reported by New York Times, Dr. James Greenberg, Director of Neonatology said “The idea that the baby box can reduce infant mortality doesn’t really make a lot of sense,”

It’s not plausible that the box is going to address the biggest driver of infant mortality in the U.S., which is preterm birth.”

Although the company claimed to have tested the product and discover that it is safe there are still a lot skeptics. Would you put your baby in a baby box?






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