Traditional Womb Setting And Massaging? Yes or No?

Our local medicine was the way of life in the olden days, but with the advent of science things changed. While many are sceptical about the ancient ways we solve health issues in Nigeria, the truth some of these things still works. The major problem however is that those who know how these things work and who have the skills to truly effect a result,  are few and scarce.

A posted a question about womb setting and massaging on our platform.

“Please, can Lagos and Ibadan residents kindly help me on the location where I can get “IJAW Women” that does ‘Womb Setting and Massaging’. Please kindly include the range of Price (if known). It’s quite Urgent. Thanks to You all.”

While a lot of Mamalettes had truly not heard about this, some who had the experience of this phenomenon, were quick to share their experiences.

“Caution is the word. Womb setting? Sometimes traditional procedures work better and faster though you shouldn’t leave God out of your plans because Baba Imole, Baba Idowu and etc might do it and it may not work. Best wishes.”
Amaka Sophiatony Nwachukwu 

Some Mamalettes gave their opinion about how the “womb setters” work….

“They are here in warri, Delta state. It is not fetish, they work with herbs, except you fall into wrong hands. They help to give traditional medicine to blocked fallopian tubes as well as infections in the womb and it environs. They also untie tied tongues in children and work on pregnant women who are always sick when in their first trimester.”
Aniebiet Oson 

“Yes, there is what they call womb setting, though they may not be educated but this Ijaw people are the best in it compared to medical practitioners.”
Onafowode Ayaoba Mojisola Olasogba 

“Its super effective. Its a means where the womb is positioned properly. Some women would complain of waist pains frequently or serious pain during intercourse with their spouses. Sometimes when the woman baths and washes inside her V, she can feel her womb and pains. It’s the womb that have shifted to a lower position. That makes it almost impossible to conceive and sometimes series of miscarriages. But when its massaged and positioned, sex becomes enjoyable and conception much easier. They can use herbs to open fallopian tubes. “
Diamond Palmer

“Sandra Oluoma, some of these women who are educated insist on scan to confirm there diagnosis however they diagnose using a patient’s posture, skin tone and answers gotten from clacking to arrive at their diagnosis.”
Toyin Taiwo Ndidi

While some Mamalettes believe finding a professional one is hard, since most of them are fake ….

“Hmmmmmmm. I need to breath down first before I comment. There’s if in everything called massage by the ijaw women. We have 95 percent fake people with fetishism. Even the original once no be ordinary o. I have them in my family, it’s handed over to them rather the work will choose you. You don’t learn it. Those of them learning it are the fake you talk about. If the work chooses you and you refuse to practice it Hmmmm sorry be your name. It’s working very well if you meet the original person.”
Lilian Omiete 

Some believe patronizing them is simply dangerous….

“My dear I am not in any of the location but just an advice. Can you please hand over your case to God to handle it for you? How I wish you visit hospital instead of Ijaw women. It happen to one of my aunt fortunately for her, she went there during her menstruation. Lo and behold she asked the man that wanted to work on her womb if he can check womb if a woman is in her monthly period (menses) the man asked her to stop there that she was lucky to have asked if not, the menses could have continue flowing for the rest of her life. She came back home shivering saying she could have become like the woman with the issue of blood in the bible. I warn her earlier but she was desperate of a child. But since seeing is believing she needed not to be told. But you know what, God blessed her womb @ the appointed time with 4 children. Hold your God he will not disappoint you. Forget about your age because he is watching over you. Myself I am ttc but if God can bless women with children outside wedlock, how can he not bless those he told to be fruitful, multiply, increase in number, fill the earth & multiply? Please delay is not denial, may God fill all the ttc home with lots of children through Christ our Lord Amen.”
Veronica Ekema Ogwuche 

“TBA and tradtional massagers have done more harm than good to so many women! so many have lost their lives, some their womb and some their babies!! There are some that are licenced to do that but they are few…if you can find such fine but if not please stick to your doctor’s advice o! Tread with care o!!!”
Tamunoemi George

“Please I beg you in God’s name don’t go to them, we just lost somebody last month through this Ijaw womb setting things. My opinion stick to God or seek help from medical practitioners.”
Adewunmi Oluwaseun Motunrayo 

Also some Mamalettes gave their testimony….

“I know of someone a family friend who married for six years with no issue she was told in the hospital that she can never have children of her own so it was the Ijaws who discovered that her womb was upside down they turned it for her and she took in, had her 1st son she went back again when her boy was 3yrs old, the womb has turned upside down again but to our surprise after she had her second baby a girl the womb never turned again and she has six kids now. Ijaw womb setting is working o, but I just think this people are gifted.”
Uche Onumonu Kelo-ileka 

“After the treatment the waist pain stopped. The lady will put hand inside your pussy and turn your womb to the normal position. She told me if I don’t want babies again I should be careful because my womb is set to receive a baby. It is working.”
Chidiebere Ezenwora 

“It works. Well after I gave birth to my first child I had difficulties walking I had to limp before I could walk 2 steps but after I went for my massage it was okay. The woman said the womb shifted, also my mum had serious issues because after she had me the womb was upside down she went to the hospital, she was placed on drugs both herbal and foreign but nothing even prayed and fasted because of it but after a long period of time someone introduced her to an ijaw woman and the woman told her that with the position of her womb it only God’s intervention she can become pregnant because of its position but after the setting she took in. My only sibling is like my own son.”
Onwugbenu Chisom 

“Where I did mine, it was a cotton wool the lady put. Rubbed it on, add her native medicine and put it inside my body. It worked for me and my sister.”
Ufuoma Jennifer Eriyamremu Fonsky 

“Very effective, if you get the right person. I’m pregnant at the moment.
Chigozie Ofor 

“It works because my friend was 38 weeks gone and the baby was bridged, the doctor said she will give birth through CS but she was introduced to an Ijaw woman that massaged her within 1 week the baby turned and she had a vaginal birth, a woman that have been given birth through CS (twice) the 3rd time they booked her for CS, the Ijaw woman massaged her & she gave birth,I think it’s a gift from God.”

Lovelyn Anaba 

“I did mine too from Ijaw, they use Goya oil to massage my waist, so that the baby will move round, and the pelvic will expand. Then if your womb is not set, they will do it for you. Please my people it was very effective for me, today God has blessed me with 2 girls and 2 boys.”
Yetunde Abiola Adeleye Ajayi 

What do you believe? Whatever you decide, note that there are risks to this procedure.

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