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Amazing Hobbies for Mothers

Motherhood is a tireless and thankless job.

Many mothers spend their time and lives trying to make their husbands and children cared for and happy, however they do this often at the detriment of their own happiness.

Perhaps you are bored with the monotony of your daily life and you would to try something else that makes you happy, something new and challenging that can help you reduce stress.

Our tip? Get a hobby!

If you are interested, you will find examples of hobbies you can do below;

Art and Craft Hobbies

If you are interested in art and craft then you can choose any one of these

  1. Knitting
  2. Painting Classes
  3. Paper Art
  4. Embroidery
  5. Soap-making
  6. Candle-making
  7. Stoning, beading clothes, and other fashion items
  8. Jewellery-making

Computer & Technology Based Hobbies

If you are interested in honing your computer and tech skill then try this.

  1. Start a blog
  2. Buy a camera and start learning about photography.
  3. Use YouTube to learn about things
  4. listening to Podcasts and start yours
  5. Get paid to do online surveys.

Food-Based Hobbies

Do you love food-related hobbies then try these

  1. Enrol in cooking and baking classes
  2. Apply for any cooking competition, there are many sponsored of such competitions sponsored by different food companies.
  3. Gardening: You can grow your own produce that you need for cooking.
  4. Set a goal to try out cooking two different recipes monthly
  5. Start a food blog
  6. Make your own confectionaries

Self-Esteem Improvement Hobbies

  1. Take a drama and acting class
  2. Take a aerobics class
  3. Go dancing
  4. Start and keep a regular diary.
  5. Start a weekly gratitude list.
  6. Send handwritten letters to friends and family
  7. Start writing a novel or ‘how to’ book

Personal improvement Hobbies

  1. Try out learning how to speak in public
  2. Learn to play the piano.
  3. Start going to the gym regularly.
  4. Enrol to take online courses
  5. Learn how to play an instrument.
  6. Take singing lessons.
  7. Join a choir
  8. Start a book club
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Volunteer for events and NGOs

Moneymaking Hobbies

  • Learn how to do amazing hairstyles advertise on social media
  • If you are good at photography, go all out for clients
  • Learn affiliate marketing and get a commission on the products you recommend.
  • Write articles for websites
  • Skilled in English language? Try out proofreading or editing.
  • Start an online store
  • Become a personal shopper

There are many videos on Youtube and other online platforms where you can learn any of these hobbies.  Tell us!Which of these hobby ideas would you want to try or have already tried?

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How To Settle Into Work After Taking A Baby Break

Caring for your baby can be very demanding and in itself is a full-time job.

When you eventually decide to return to work or your maternity ends, you have to consider many things and prepare emotionally and mentally for the transition. Returning to work requires a lot of support and help in order to ensure little or no stress in settling into work.

As you plan your return, you need to consider the following;

Take things easy

Your transition from home to work may not go as smooth as you think. There may be some hiccups on your part or the baby. It is a period of adjustment for everyone so prepare your mind. Many things will change in so many ways but stay calm you will push through gradually. For example, your baby may find it difficult adjusting to his crèche environment, you may find it challenging to pump at work.

Decide on the type of caregiving you want for your baby

These days it is difficult to get good caregivers, some mothers choose to have a nanny at home overtaking their baby to a crèche while others may take on the support of relatives and in-laws. Making this decision should come months or at least a week before resumption so you can test the decision and see if it suits you and your baby.

Make major changes one at a time

If possible, it would be the better for you if you do not make any major changes at the same time. For example moving to a new house when you just resumed work or choosing to wean your baby a few days to work start, as this would heighten the already stressful situation.

Try making lists to increase productivity

Now that you no longer have extra time for yourself. As a mum, you have a lot of things going through your mind, you definitely want to be on your toes and do not want to create the impression that you cannot do your job as good as before. Therefore, to up your productivity and keep your mind on track, you need to draw up the different list- daily to-do list for work and home, food timetable, chore plan and feeding/ pumping schedule.

For example, you can write down notes about what you need to take to work on your phone, leave reminder note for baby’s caregiver, use sticky notes on your computer to monitor the job you have done, save food item list in your emails for constant consultations on the go.

 Have spare pumping equipment

If you intend to keep feeding your baby breast milk and your organisation is baby friendly then you can plan to pump at work. Sometimes things do not go as planned and you need to pump ahead for your baby. To avoid desperation and sadness over missing parts of pumping equipment, you need back up, a spare that you can fall back on.

Get updates

You need to keep in touch with your child’s care provider to know how he is doing. Knowing that your child is okay gives you the inner strength to face your work squarely without any distractions.

Take some time off for your baby 

It may be difficult to get sometimes off especially when you just resumed work. If you can get a flexible time off to spend with your baby weekly or if you can’t get that you can maximize your weekends.




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