8 Things That Change When Your Hubby Becomes A Daddy

There are a number of ways your hubby will change when he becomes a daddy, and if you’re observant you will notice the change. After I told my husband “I’m pregnant” he cried and ran out of the house to drink (funny reaction huh?) He came back home sober, knelt down in front of me and started making promises. I ”yinmu” ’cause I knew talk is cheap. I was wrong though, he actually changed.

Some remarkable changes came over him indeed and I didn’t fail to notice them and here are the changes that’ll come over your husband after he becomes a daddy so that you can understand his behaviour;

1. His brain will literally change

A study by the National Academy showed that a father’s brain showed the same kind of activation and emotional triggers that a mother’s brain had when they heard their child’s voice or watched their child play.

2. He’ll experience hormonal changes

Not only pregnant moms experience hormonal changes, even their husbands do too! Although it won’t be as noticeable as a pregnant woman’s own.

3. More sensitive

Even husbands are sensitive when they become a daddy, although not emotionally. That can also happen but they will become aware of their child, they’ll know when their child is crying and be able to distinguish their child’s cry from other children’s.

4. Always eager to help

When baby is crying or when they see that you have your hands full, they’ll want so bad to help. Unfortunately, there’s little they can do to help. Babies rely heavily on their mom and with time fathers will realize that.

But the good news is that this will make him super eager to help when he can, and when he’s finally able to help, it will make him very happy.

5. A new identity

Not only is your man a husband but a father and he’ll feel that pride that comes with being a dad, being responsible for his wife and kid is a great responsibility which he’ll be proud of.

6. Being happy in a whole new way

Your husband will find a new sense of happiness, his joy will come from playing with his child, buying things he knows his child will love, hearing his child say “daddy” for the first time and during pregnancy, feeling his child kick.

7. Bringing home goodies

For their precious one, daddy will always bring home goodies. The excited squeal of their child when they come in or the smile on their faces when they give them what they brought home will always motivate daddy to always bring something home for his kids.

8. Being emotional

The first time your husband meets his baby at birth and hold him, he’ll be so overjoyed he might cry or a mist might gather around his eyes. It will be like he was kicked in the belly and his heart will flutter. Here the love for his child begins…

I must add that your husband will love you in a different way, you’re his wife, the bearer of his child and mother of his child, much love for this woman who gave him all this will feel his heart.

What other ways did your husband change after he became a dad?

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