6 Reasons I’m Glad I Had My Kids Early

I’ve always been the weird one out of all my mom’s children, I hate doing the same thing everyone is doing and at such I’ve been known to do things differently. But looking back, I have no regrets about the choices I made including having my first child at the early age of 21, most of my friends are just getting married and settling down but my first child will be 20 years this coming November, I feel young because I had my kids young.

I had my last time when I was 25 years old, people had a lot of negative things to say including asking how a kid can take care of kid, but we did it. Having kids early was a good decision I made and here are my reasons;

1. I had a large store of energy

When I was pregnant with my third(last) child, I was still packing, decorating and doing things that require energy up until my water broke, I did everything enthusiastically and ended up giving birth without little ado. Meanwhile, I graduated that same year but that was after the third of my very last child.

2. Google wasn’t around to scare me

The problem with many mothers these days is information overload, having access to too much information makes mothers scare easily at every slight issue. On my part, I knew little about all these scary medical stuff then and so I worried less.

3. I had patience

When I had my kids, I was using a very small phone with no internet access at all, so I gave my children and husband all my time, I mean no social media drama to distract me or any such thing.  I would watch boring kids show with my kids even though it almost bored me to death.

4. I keep up with tech trends

Well, that I started using smartphones late doesn’t mean I’m backward when it comes to latest tech, nahhh! I know much of it, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter and even

5. I relate with my kids like friends

My kids are my very good friends, my eldest daughter even looks like my sister, I hear my kids problems and tell them about mine too, I don’t listen to their problems with the intention of preaching to them, no, I look for ways to help instead because I can relate.

6. I’m much more free than most of my friends

My youngest son is 15 years old, so I stopped baby sitting since he was 4, he has older siblings that can take care of him, I have enough time on my hands to go on a date with hubby, go see a movie, and even read a book. But truth be told, there was a time I thought the sleepless nights will not come to an end.

Despite the fact that my husband and I had fears, people had fears too, my children turned out just fine! The trio have received awards, and honorary speeches and they are kind and caring kids, for that I’m very proud of them.

I made many mistakes but I learned my lesson, and I’m proud I didn’t look at what people will say and throw away my pregnancy. I’m who I am because of them, and if I have to do this again, I would over and over.

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Children think they are very clever, and when they lie giving you that adorable look, you’ll almost believe them until you take a closer look. I asked my 5-year-old child, “what did you do to your sister” “Nothing” He said, giving me that angelic look of his, yet he was seated on his sister’s hand. Nothing indeed.

They have no qualms conning you right to your face and they feel no pinch of guilt about it, whatever they do they’ll still be your adorable little ones, though.  But I must say that some are very good at lying than others, so in order to catch them at their thing, you need to be on the red alert! So here are the signs that your innocent child is lying through his teeth;

  1. You ask him “did you bed-wet today” and she answers “No” with a squeezed face and a hand covering her wet cloth.
  2. You smell something funny and you ask “are you pooping” And she answers with a grunt “No” from behind the chair.
  3. You find call history to your old friends after your child has denied ever touching your phone yet your credit is exhausted.
  4. Crumbs of biscuit or residue of the things she claimed she didn’t eat smeared across her face or on her mouth.
  5. Scared that you might read the truth from his expression, he looks left, right and anywhere else but you as you ask questions(beware some can look straight into your eyes and lie)
  6. “Junior! Are you….” You asked from inside the room and he calls out “No, I’m not” but his sister’s muffled cry of “Yes, he is” can be heard through the pillow or hand he covered her mouth with.
  7. You ask a question, he answers, then run to a distance where your hand can’t reach him(hold him, he’s guilty)
  8. He has other people to pin the blame on and they are all denying.
  9. The child you are speaking to has one or more siblings she can pin the blame on.
  10. Her face is saying “I’m telling the truth” so is her lips but her body language says “I might run anytime soon, watch me”
  11. “What’s that sound” you asked after you heard a crash, then they replied “Nothing mom!” from inside the room, they probably just broke your bottle of perfume!
  12. “Where is the superglue” or “Where’s the needle” she casually asked and when you asked her what it’s for she replied “Nothing” Hmm…
  13. When his “No” comes out as a “Nooooooo” They are trying to assure you and calm themselves as well, which is why the “NO” has so many oooo.
  14. She said “ummmmmm’ for more than 10 seconds before answering the question you asked her.
  15. He tries to stop you from entering his room or opening the drawer.

And these are the ways you can catch your child at his lying game.

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