6 Gross Things Only A Mother Would Google

Mothers are always so worried even when there’s nothing to worry about, but do you blame us? if anything happens to your child people will blame you for not asking for help, and that’s why you’ll often see mothers ask questions like “my 2-year-old boy has an erection, is it normal?” and another question that goes like “Why’s my daughter’s labia pink?” When things get weird with our kids, to get answers, we often turn to the internet.

To make yourself feel better about the super weird questions you have asked google yourself, here are way weirder questions people have asked about parenting;


1. “Penis got stuck”

A lot of time, moms have asked different questions about their boy’s penis, “my son tied his penis with thread, how do I untie it?.” The thing is, boys are usually curious about their penis so they play with it, tie it up, and there was a time my boy plastered chewing gum on it.

2. “Normal for 4-year-old to stick finger in butt?”

No matter how many times you warn them about not sticking their fingers in their butt there might still be one of them who sees nothing wrong with it. I’ve had to say “keep your hands off your stinking butt!” a couple of times so if you have at any point asked google this question, we are in this together.

3. “Is it normal for a kid to kill an imaginary friend?”

When my 4-year-old was playing superhero and suddenly started killing his enemies, I started wondering if I’m breeding an aggressive child, how come he has such a violent imagination? I found out that it’s normal for kids to play a particular character, give them space to explore you can guide them a little but don’t be too judgemental.


4. “Will babies get sick from eating their own poop?”

A doctor friend of mine said most of the messages she gets is about illness, injuries, and questions from moms asking if their baby can get sick from eating their own poop. It’s actually possible for your child to be curious about how their poop taste so shortly after you leave them to do their “business” you might come back to find them having a taste of their own poop. It’s disgusting, revolting and ugh! But it’s not gonna harm your baby.

5. “Is my child a soothsayer?”

A friend of mine has a son that talks in his sleep, whispering and walking around as if he’s communing with some people in his dreams, my friend became so worried she had to ask Mamalette this question because she was starting to believe that her child is connected to the spirit world and can see things. The truth however is, her child plays too much during the day and end up re-playing the whole act later in his sleep.

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How To Build Your Kid’s Character

Parents have a lot to do in their children’s life. A child can decide which course to take no matter the way his parents showed him, but if you did your part as a parent you wouldn’t have any fears knowing you did well by your kids and you’d be able to vouch for your child any time. Every parent should endeavour to build children with enviable characters, here are some tips to help you.

Here are the characters all parents should build in their children;


1. Honesty

There are many who have gone a long way just by being honest. Teach your child the importance of honesty, when they own up to doing wrong, reward them and when they lie, discipline them. Even a simple act of stealing sweets shouldn’t be ignored, although discipline should be light and the child should be told what they did wrong.


2. Hard work

I never heard of any man whom hard work killed, my mum has a saying “hard work doesn’t kill, only laziness does” Even if you’re rich, if you don’t teach your child to be hardworking, they’ll wreck the family company they are handling in just a month because hard work is not their thing.  Talk to your child about how you work hard to give him all he needs in life and why he has to do the same, starting now.

3. Positivity

This starts with you, when you wake up in the morning, be positive, “This is such a beautiful day, full of hope and promises” say this when your child is within earshot. You need to teach your child to see a good side to everything, not that there’s no bad in the world but even in darkness, teach them to see light.

4. Strength

Teach your children to be strong, especially if you have a girl child. Women are making it in the world today that’s because they never allowed themselves to be trampled in the oceans of men who are ready to push them aside and see them as nothing. Women are being widely accepted in our world today, if only such a woman will distinct herself. Teach your daughter to be strong and never back down.

You can’t have a perfect child unless he’s a robot, because humans are made to be imperfect but when you gently but firmly mould a child’s character from a young age he won’t turn around? And the credit goes to you because you will feel accomplished as a parent to such a child and you’re helping society be a better place.

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