7 Dangerous Methods Nigerian Women Use To Abort Pregnancy

Except it is performed to save the life of the pregnant woman, abortion is considered illegal in Nigeria.

This is one of the reasons why Nigerians have devised different ways to abort a pregnancy. The sad fact however is that most of these methods can lead to serious complications, death, infection and when it fails, birth defects for the baby.

Here are dangerous techniques you shouldn’t use to abort a pregnancy;

1. Illegal D and C

Given that abortions are illegal in Nigeria, a majority of the practitioners that perform these procedures are quacks who call themselves doctors. It is for this reason that many women have lost their lives. Illegal abortions contribute to the high maternal mortality rate in Nigeria.

2. Dry Gin

Dry gin on it’s own is not illegal, it’s just an alcoholic drink but do you know, some women use it to induce abortions? Some mix it with potash or ‘alabukun’ and others use it to take abortion drugs. This combination can be so deadly because it might react wrongly in the body and cause damage to the womb or even death.

3. Lime

There’s scientific proof that lime or lemon juice can prevent conception (in rats), so there it is no wonder why some women mix lime or lemon juice together with ‘alabukun’ and drink it to cause abortion or prevent a pregnancy. Some women buy 7 up and ‘alabukun’ and mix it with lime juice. This is a very crude method that can lead to death.

4. Abortion pills

Abortion pills are often sold in chemists and pharmacists around the country. Too often many women take an overdose which can be dangerous to their health.

5. Herbal potions

You may have heard about all those herbal mixtures made for boosting men’s performance in bed? Yes. Some women use it to terminate a pregnancy, especially in rural areas. This is not advisable.

6. Eating peppery foods 

Some Nigerian women believe that eating food that contains a lot of pepper can help terminate a pregnancy.Women go as far as eating peppery foods and tying tight clothes around their waist in the hope that the baby in their womb will become uncomfortable and die. This is an extreme method that is dangerous. Don’t do it.

7. Coat hanger

Some women use coat hangers to terminate a pregnancy. Yes as scary as this sounds, it happens. This method is so dangerous and it can puncture a woman’s uterus and then she bleeds out and dies.

The best way to prevent an abortion is to use contraceptives. Common and easily accessible contraceptives include condoms, postinor 1 and 2, IUCD, contraceptive injections etc. 

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This Article originally appeared on The Pulse Ng

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