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5 Ways You Can Take Care Of Yourself After Giving Birth

Most moms after going through the ordeal of giving birth and going through the hustle and bustle of taking care of their newborn, they might forget to take care of themselves. Yet to be able to take better care of your child, you need to take care of you first. You might be tired, after all you just gave birth to a whole being and labour is not only physically exhausting but mentally too.

For you to recover quickly and be able to better take care if your child, here are a few tips to help you;

1. Ask for Help

Accept that you can’t do it all! There’s be no award for best mother of the year so if you need some help ask for it. You can ask for help from your mother-in-law, husband or family member and if there’s none, hire a help for a period of time. And if you don’t want to hire, reduce the chores.

2. Relax

You can be tensed up from the many chores you have to do, your muscles can be aching so the best way to soothe your body is to relax, get your husband to pour the oil and give you a massage. You need the soothing effect that massaging offers you.

3. Stay hydrated

Water helps with the function of your system, now more than ever you need to remain hydrated especially if you’re breastfeeding. So drink lots of water to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. if you are a lover of caffeine (in coffee, coke…  ) reduce your intake of caffeinated drinks and foods if your baby is reacting to it. Instead drink more water, at least 6 to 8 glasses a day. Anytime you sit down to breastfeed your baby, drink a glass of water.

4. Eat Healthy

Foods rich in nutrients are what your body need after giving birth, you are breastfeeding and also need to regain your strength, eat more of whole grains(brown rice, wheat bread, wheat, millet, whole grain cereals), legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also eat foods rich in protein, calcium, and iron.

5. Sleep

Again although it’s quite annoying and many moms see it as impracticable I’ll still advice you to sleep when your baby sleeps.  I know when baby is asleep is when you can get chores done, but how about you sleep when baby sleeps and when she wakes up, breastfeed her and when she’s calm, get those things done?

And finally, listen to good music the type you love to hear when in a good mood, get a massage and if you’re depressed talk to your doctor, and don’t forget to get a massage and finally sleep!

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I Didn’t Know Things Could Change So Much After A Baby

I’ve heard about how much having a baby can change your life, how a lot can change about your marriage if your marriage isn’t strong enough, a lot of advice were thrown my way, some of it was useful others were just trash. But I found out a lot by myself, since becoming a mum, I realised that having a few close friends who will be there when you need them is more important than having many friends that don’t care about how you’re doing.

I now know who my true friends are, even my friends who I consider myself close with haven’t met my son but that’s fine.

Even if you don’t want your friend who just gave birth to a baby to feel encumbered by being there all the time, send her a text once in a while, call them up to know how you can offer them your support, don’t expect them to be the one calling for help. And invite them to parties even if they can’t attend, they’d appreciate you not excluding them.

Needless to say, the friends I considered close to me neglected to be there for me, but that was the lesson I learnt. What I wasn’t fine with was my love life that got hit with the presence of our baby. My husband and I forgot about ourselves, we became more focused taking care of our little one.

We argue about little things as I was very impatient (I blamed this on sleeplessness) I never stopped loving him though, no, I love him even more but my tolerance level became low.


We went through hard times as parents, at a point, I was scared that my marriage would hit the rock but when we strive to set time aside for each other things changed positively.

I also lose my patience easily, every ounce of patience I ever had got lost, maybe at the labour room I think. I just can’t tolerate any bullshit anymore, from my husband, friend or opinionated strangers who think they can say whatever they like  even when their opinion is not sorted.

Had I known motherhood would be this tough and it would change so much I would have spent more time loving my husband and giving him more of my time, so the bond we create will strengthen us in loving another being, protecting and worrying about him without us being broken into two. I think I’m doing a good job though, and we’d last.

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