5 New Year Resolutions For Families

Before entering the new year, people make resolutions as a family and as individuals, and as easy as it is to make these resolutions so also it is to break them.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them anyway, they are there to help us remain focused and have a sense of vision on what we want for ourselves in the new year. Here is the new year resolution you should make as a family;

1. Get unplugged

So many times we make the mistake of making some mundane things such as watching TV, checking emails, concentrating on chatting and being busy on our phones our priorities when we ought to sit down with our spouse at the end of the day and have a light talk. This new year, make a decision to set aside time to spend with your spouse and kids instead of going out with your friends and staying out late, do something fun with your family instead.

2. Eat healthy

Moms are especially in the habit of eating anything, this new year, commit to eating healthy and making healthy meals for your family. I know many mothers do not think of how healthy the meals they prepare for their family are, so long as the belle gets filled up. Come up with a food timetable, stock up your house with healthy wholesome foods and follow the timetable. Eat healthy this new year.

3. Cultivate the habit of reading

If you are asked how many books you read this last year what would be your honest answer? Readers are leaders, and if you don’t read, how do you encourage your children to read? You can make everyone in your family a bookworm this new year, visit the local library and borrow books that will interest everyone or download books online. Find books recommended for your kid’s age and buy or borrow, let them grow up readers so they’ll be bookworms, not lukewarm.

4. Save more money

If you have not been saving before, you can resolve to save this new year, starting from today. A lot of expenses went into Christmas celebration and new year celebration. Have a budget and stick to it anytime money needs to be spent, by doing this, you are also teaching your children how to manage money. Start the new year on a saving note.

5. Go on dates 

Parents, when was the last time you took a time out alone to have fun? Most couples feel like they are too old for dates after having kids, truth is, your husband/wife doesn’t want to feel old and still crave the outing that you feel they are too old for. Spend time together, laugh, have fun and don’t let anything sour your mood during the outing, that’s how to feel young again. The closeness, romance, and quiet will also do your marriage a whole lot of good.

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Gifts To Get That Special Man In Your Life This Father’s Day

Would you agree with me that fathers don’t get celebrated enough i mean mother’s day comes twice in a year but father’s day comes only once, Lol. So on this wonderful day where we get to celebrate those wonderful husbands, fathers, brothers and friends in our live we usually wonder what we can possibly get them this fathers’ day.

Lets look at this suggestion on what to get this special men in our lives on this day specially dedicated to celebrate them.  

  • Shoes: This is usually a good gift idea because practically every man likes a good pair of shoe. Take a shoe from his rack, check the size and good buy him a lovely pair of shoes. Better still take him along with you have him pick out a pair he likes and pay for it. 
  • Watches: This are also a very safe choice for men. While not all men are particular about shoes, some actually cant do without their watch. Make sure the person you are buying it for actually likes watches.
  • Cufflinks: This works very well especially if your man wears corporates a lot. Get a beautiful pair of cufflinks for your man to go with his shirts.
  • Shirts: This are also a very safe gift to buy because every man especially a working class man has shirts in his closet. So why not buy him a shirt.
  • Native Wear: You really cant go wrong with native wears get him a beautiful guinea material and give his tailor who already has his measurement and surprise him with it. Top it off with an agbada. I am sure that would put a smile on his face.
  • Football Jersey: Practically every man in Nigeria is a football fanatic so why not order him a customised jersey from his favorite football club. That would definitely make his day.

You can also get him a cologne, treat him to a spa day or if your husband is a bookworm buy him a book. The truth is you are the one that knows what works best for the man in your life, hopefully I have helped you to come up with a perfect gift for that special Father in your life. 

Remember Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, so lets take our time to celebrate them this father’s day. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Papalettes!!

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