4 Centres Where DNA Tests Can Be Conducted In Nigeria

In times past, people go abroad to conduct DNA and paternity test but now it can be conducted right here in Nigeria! Below are the names, address and contact numbers of hospitals where you can conduct DNA tests in Nigeria;

1. Luth 

DNA test can now be conducted at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi Araba, has a genomic laboratory has been built for them by the Chevron/NNPC Joint Venture. They offer DNA paternity tests, DNA fingerprinting and forensic researches amongst many things. About the price, you might have to find out yourself as I have no idea.

2. Bode DU Laboratory Technology Limited

Is located in Plot 45 Oyibo Adjarho Street, off Ayinde Akinmade Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. Their services include paternity test, identifying missing/lost persons, re-uniting families scientifically, providing evidence for identifying rapists, supplying Forensic DNA test kits etc. For details on pricing and other enquiries call 0803 946 1596, 0803 546 6923, 01 270 4789.

3. Paternity test Nigeria

Paternity test Nigeria has an office here in Lagos, their head office is located at 79 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island Lagos. Nigeria, but they have DNA Sample collection centres in most states in Nigeria so even if you’re not in Lagos they can also serve you. If they are doing home service, it’s 90,000 naira per child, and 85,000 if you’re doing the test at their office. For details on the price and enquiries call 08073008967, 08021468075, 09098165525.

4. DNA Labs

If you’re in the North, DNA test can be done at DNA Lab, located at No. Q5 Danja Road, Off Katuru Road, Unguwar Sarki Kaduna Nigeria. Their phone numbers are 08099282985, 08037880765, 07087257965.

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