Pregnancy Week 8

Your baby this week

  • Your baby’s facial features are now becoming even more defined as the eyelids, the lips, the ears, the nostrils, the tip of the nose and the tongue all begin to take shape. 
  • In the 8th week your baby’s digestive tract continues to grow especially the intestines. The heart and circulatory system become even more developed and your baby’s heart is pumping at 150 times a minute — about twice as fast as yours! 
  • At this stage of pregnancy, your baby is about over half an inch long.


Your body this week

  • Most of the changes you may notice this week are breast changes. The veins in your breasts may become more visible tand your areolas will darken in colour.
  • Your bras may also be feeling a bit tighter than they did a few weeks ago. This is attributed to the added hormones that your body is producing causing your breasts to grow larger and feel heavier.
  • Note that this  growth will continue throughout your pregnancy. It is not uncommon to gain a couple of cup sizes during your pregnancy.
  • Other symptoms noticed this week may include; fatigue and/or nausea, pregnancy cramps, constipationindigestion, bloating or heartburn, a heightened sense of smell and weird dreams.