Pregnancy Week 6

Your baby this week

Growth is rapid during the 6th week. Your baby triples in size and  begins to show facial features. Your baby’s jaw, cheeks, chin, eyes, ears, and nose are beginning to form.

In addition, her kidneys, liver, and lungs are developing, and her heart is pumping blood through the main blood vessels and beating at a regular rhythm.

By week 6 of pregnancy i.e. four weeks after conception, your baby measures about 1/8 of an inch long.

Your body this week

Most of the changes that take place this week are all in your breasts. About 90 percent of all pregnant women will experience changes in their breasts around the sixth week.

Your breasts may become increasingly tender,  with a tingling sensation and could feel heavier and fuller than they usually do. The dark circle around the nipple of your breast, areola, may begin to grow darker and larger.

The typical pregnant woman can gain just over 2 kg during the first trimester. In week 6, you may notice a minimal amount of weight gain.