Pregnancy Week 5

Your baby this week

Your baby is now officially called an embryo and is beginning to take on a distinct form.

By week 5 your baby is about the size of the tip of a pen – about 10mm (1cm) in length.
The shape of your baby now resembles a pear. The narrow pointed end will become your baby’s spine and the larger rounded end has begun developing into your baby’s head.

A bulge at the center of the embryo will develop into your baby’s heart and by the end of the week major organs of the circulatory system will have formed. The circulatory system is the first functioning organ system.

The fifth week is a critical time for your baby’s heart development. At this stage, the heart is starting to divide into separate individual chambers and is even pumping blood.

Your body this week

The second month of pregnancy brings enormous changes for your body. Most of the annoying symptoms of pregnancy are experienced at this time e.g. nausea, heartburn, fatigue, lack of sleep and frequent urination.You may also begin to crave certain foods or develop a sudden dislike for foods that you previously enjoyed.

Some women may feel unusually irritable and or experience dizziness.

At the week 5, you probably will not see any difference in your body in terms of weight gain or a protruding belly, in fact the increased size of your uterus may only be noticeable if you lie down in a certain way.