Pregnancy Week 26

Your baby this week

By 26 weeks, your baby now measures around 35cm from their head to their bottom and weighs a little more than 760g.
Your baby’s eyes will begin to open and you will notice that your baby’s response to sound grows more consistent towards the end of the seventh month. The network of nerves to his/her ears is now complete.

Your little one also continues to take small breaths, getting plenty of practice for when he/she’s born.

He or she is forming sleeping patterns now and will be more active at certain times of the day. You may notice the movement of your little especially during your periods of rest.


Your body this week

Your pregnancy insomnia may become more pronounced now.This may be caused by heartburn and leg cramps as well as the frequent need to go to the bathroom at night.

If you are feeling hot, make sure you drink plenty of water and wear loose, comfortable clothing to reduce your discomfort.
Your core temperature rises during pregnancy because of the hormone progesterone.

You may notice these other symptoms this week:

  • Bloating
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Occasional headaches
  • Forgetfulness
  • Clumsiness

Growing pains in the lower abdominal region

Vision changes