Pregnancy Week 17

Your baby this week 

In week 17 your baby is about the size of your palm. Your baby weighs about five ounces and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. Your baby can move his/her joints, and you will probably feel your baby move for the first time when you’re around 17 or 18 weeks pregnant. Your baby is also developing some body fat. This fat is starting to fill out your baby’s body and keep him/her warm. By the time he/she is born, fat will account for two-thirds of the body weight.


 Your body this week

By this week you will most probably be showing and your uterus is about two inches below your belly button. Your friends and family will begin to have noticed your distinct baby bump.

As your lower abdomen swells with child, your placenta is continuously working hard to support and nourish your baby, delivering nutrients and carting away waste.

Some women notice the following symptoms; a slight vaginal discharge, allergies and hunger.