Pregnancy Week 13

Your baby this week

Once you’ve past the first trimester you may feel more comfortable sharing the news of your pregnancy with your friends and family.

By this week all your baby’s organs, nerves and muscles are formed and are beginning to function together and your baby is approx 2.9 inches long and weighs about 23 grams, double last weeks weight.

At week 13, your baby’s tiny fingers now have their very own fingerprints. Your baby might even be able to put a thumb in his or her mouth this week.

If you are having a girl, your baby will now have approximately 2 million eggs in her ovaries although she will have only one million by the time she’s born.

Other changes observed this week include;

  • Formation of vocal cords
  • Formation of pancreas
  • Movement of intestines  from the umbilical cord to the stomach

Your body this week

Week 13 is a time when most women find that their clothes are becoming too tight. Now is the time to start reassessing your wardrobe and deciding if you need to start buying matenity garments.

Some women will experience bladder infections around this time so to prevent bladder infections, you should drink lots of water or other beverages and do not hold your urine. Holding your urine causes a bacteria to grow. If you think that you have a bladder infection, go and see a doctor.

Most of your morning sickness symptoms should have  gone by now and you should feel less tired because the major task of organ development is nearly complete.