Pregnancy Week 12

Your baby this week

This week marks the end of your first trimester.

Your baby weighs now weighs slightly less than 14 grams and is about the size of a large tomato. Most of your baby’s critical systems are fully formed and he/she is about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which the organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly.

In week 12 your baby begins to develop reflexes so if you poke your belly, you might feel your baby moving.

This week is the beginning of a critical time of brain development. There are two phases during a pregnancy where the baby’s brain goes rapid development; between 12 and 18 weeks and again between 24 and 36 weeks. During this time, it is especially important that you avoid being exposed to anything that could affect this development. Alcohol, tobacco, chemicals and even stress can affect the growth that is taking place inside your baby’s developing brain.


Your body this week

Your body is more than likely to start retaining water now and you may feel a bit more bloated this week. You will also probably notice that you have gained a few kilos now.
The increased estrogen and progesterone in your body result in changes to your facial skin. Some women start to see patches of dark pigmentation on their cheeks, nose, upper lip, or forehead. This is called Melasma or Mask of Pregnancy.
Your hormones should be calming down this week, this means reduced morning sickness and less nausea and fatigue.
Other changes you may notice include;
  • More vaginal discharge
  • A noticeably bigger stomach
  • Headaches and dizziness