Child by Year

Year 2.5

Your little toddler is officially 2.5 years of age and although it’s only been 6 months since he had his 2nd birthday, this extra time will have added so much to his maturity and development.

His routines will be well established and he will really have his own special place in the family. Some days you will look at him and think he is all grown up and others you’ll think of him as still being so little.

Your toddler can name objects more accurately at 2 1/2 years, be able to copy what you are doing in the house, and ask for “my turn now” when you’re doing something of interest to them.

A 30 month old’s speech develops quickly if given an environment that gives them a lot of language exposure, and it is up to the parents and caregivers to create such an environment starting right at birth.

Reading books, rhymes, singing songs, and talking often to your child are all great ways to help your child develop their language and speech skills.

In fact, children under 3 can learn to speak clearly, and can also learn to read.

2.5 year olds can identify many body parts when asked, such as ear, nose, mouth, eyes, etc… You can play naming body part games to help them learn the names. They can usually give their complete first and last name, and also hold up their fingers to show their age.