Child by Year

Year 3.5

By three and a half years typically developing children have steadily built on earlier skills.

They can speak in sentences, ask questions, use pronouns and are aware of tenses. They understand many more words.

Pretend and imaginative play skills increase. Social skills are advancing with the capacity to share and play with others.

They are aware of others’ feelings and respond to them.

Act early by talking to your child’s doctor if your child:

  • Falls down a lot or has trouble with stairs
  • Drools or has very unclear speech
  • Can’t work simple toys (such as peg boards, simple puzzles, turning handle)
  • Doesn’t speak in sentences
  • Doesn’t understand simple instructions
  • Doesn’t play pretend or make-believe
  • Doesn’t want to play with other children or with toys
  • Doesn’t make eye contact
  • Loses skills she once had