Baby by Month

Month 9

My 9-month-old baby: learning to grab, bang, and throw

Your baby might be developing new skills including the ability to grab anything that is within reach. In addition, he might start shaking, banging, dropping, and throwing any item he can lift, so be careful. If your baby hasn’t already, he might say “mama.” However, some babies could go months longer before they start using new words. This is completely normal.

This is a messy age and stage. Your baby will be keen to try and feed themselves and it will be difficult to keep them clean when they eat. It is important that you let your baby explore their food and learn for themselves what is involved in transferring food to their mouth.

Every baby develops at a different pace, but by the end of your baby’s ninth month, he will likely be able to do the following:

  • Reach for toys
  • Drop objects and then looks for them
  • Become interested in grabbing the spoon during feedings
  • Go from tummy to sitting by self
  • Pick up tiny objects
  • Begin to identify self in a mirror’s reflection