Baby by Month

Month 8

My 8-month-old baby: moving in big, new ways

Crawling and cruising are the hallmarks of this month as your 8-month-old baby experiments with all-new ways to explore the world around her. When your baby is standing, you can help by holding her favourite toy just out of reach and getting her to “cruise” along the furniture to get it.

You are likely to hear your 8 month old develop a different range of cries now. Anger, protest and frustration will creep into their repertoire but will be balanced by episodes of true laughter and glee.

Your baby will be having at least 2 solid meals each day now, perhaps 3. Milk is still an important, primary food source which will help to fuel their growth. But solid foods will also help to supply them with additional nutrients and energy.

Please note that every baby develops on a different timetable, but by the end of month 8, your baby likely will be able to do the following:

  • Chew on objects
  • Reach for utensils when being fed
  • Turn head away when finished eating
  • May sleep between 11 and 13 hours a night; takes 2 to 3 naps (may vary)
  • Roll all the way around
  • Sit unsupported
  • Get on arms and knees in crawling position
  • Have specific cries for various needs
  • Babble enthusiastically
  • Test gravity by dropping objects over edge of high chair
  • Respond to own name
  • Have different reactions for different family members
  • Show some anxiety when removed from parent