Baby by Month

Month 6

My 6-month-old baby: new ways to play and teach

Your 6-month-old baby lays the groundwork for speech with every sound she makes. Keep talking with her this month. Also, your baby is becoming more aware of you as a separate person. A good way to help calm her fear of being alone is by playing “peekaboo.”

At six months, most babies are ready to be introduced to solid foods. Some babies are ready beforehand and have been munching on solids already.

But by 6 months the iron stores which were laid down while they were still in the uterus have been used up and they need to be topped up.

Weaning your baby with healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables and pap will increase the chance of them being healthy in the future.

Keep in mind that every baby develops on a different schedule, but by the end of month 6, your baby will likely be able to do the following:

  • Keep head level when pulled to sitting position
  • Make some vowel-consonant sounds
  • Sit by self with minimal support
  • Open mouth for spoon
  • Reach for and grab objects
  • Roll over and back
  • Drink from a cup with help
  • Copy some facial expressions
  • Make two-syllable sounds