Baby by Month

Month 5

My 5-month-old baby: growing stronger, and scared of strangers

By the end of this month, your 5-month-old baby will probably be able to sit up with some support, and be able to pass toys from one hand to another. Depending on how long your friends and family visit you, your baby might start displaying a fear of strangers.

Many 5 month old babies are at their most delightful first thing in the morning, after they have been fed and are feeling especially bright after sleeping.

By five months babies can lift and hold objects, but are unable to let go of them. They will often put things in their mouth to explore the taste and texture. They’ll enjoy shaking things that make a noise, so rattles are great. Shake one around in front of your child so they learn how to make a noise with it.

Every baby develops at a different pace. This is normal. But in general, by the end of the fifth month, your baby will likely be able to:

  • Pay attention to small objects
  • Experiment with the concept of cause and effect
  • See across the room
  • Begin to use hands in a raking fashion to bring toys near
  • Begin teething process