Baby by Month

Month 4

My 4-month-old baby: a sound foundation

In month four, your baby’s personality has probably grown even more pronounced. By the end of the month, she might be laughing out loud and attempting to carry a conversation. Try imitating her laugh and communicating with her.

Your baby may have developed some head control in the last month or so, but at 4 months she still won’t be able to keep her back steady. Avoid forcing her into a sitting position just yet, she is still too young.

This is the month when many babies start to roll. Generally this is from a back to front direction first and after a couple of weeks, back the other way. Being able to practice every day will help of course, which is why floor time is so important. Just don’t expect your baby to stay on their floor rug for the whole time. You’ll find they are able to get into all sorts of wonderful positions and angles at four months.

Every 4-month-old baby develops at a different rate. You should not be concerned if your baby does something later or earlier than other babies around the same age.

Here is a general list of what your baby might be able to do around her fourth month:

  • Sleep about six hours at night before waking (total sleep typically 14 to 17 hours)
  • Roll over (usually stomach to back is first)
  • Sit with support
  • Lift head up 90 degrees
  • Follow a moving object for a 180-degree arc
  • Babble and amuse self with new noises
  • Respond to all colours and shades
  • Explore objects with his mouth
  • Recognize a bottle or breast
  • Communicate pain, fear, loneliness and discomfort through crying
  • Respond to a rattle or bell