Baby by Month

Month 10

My 10-month-old baby: Handling baby’s new emotions and abilities

Your 10-month-old baby might be interacting with people and showing off her new skills every chance she gets. She also might be feeling and expressing new emotions and abilities. Whether she is vocalizing or walking while holding on to furniture, you can help her deal with her expanding world this month by reciting nursery rhymes, singing songs, and taking her to new places for the first time.

Your baby is likely to be crawling well now and can get themselves around in their own unique way.

Your baby will be getting close to tripling their birth weight by now and close to 12 months, this is a common event. Babies all grow at their own individual rate and genetics is a major influence on size and growth. But it is also a child’s environment and food intake which play a major role in growth. If you are worried that your baby is not eating sufficient food to grow as they need to, have them reviewed by your doctor or matron.

Every baby grows and learns at a different pace, but by the end of your baby’s 10th month, she will likely be able to do the following:

  • Understand the concept of object permanence
  • Get upset if toy is removed
  • Transfer object from hand to hand
  • Stand while holding onto someone
  • Pull on something to stand